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Heritage Music


At Waterfront HALL


Tony Holiday

Fri 3/8/24 8:00 PM

Victor Wainwright & the train

moved to wednesday 4/17/24

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 2024 line up

Billy the Kid
Altered 5 Blues Band
Nick Moss Band
Desoto Tiger featuring
Damon Fowler, Jason Ricci &
Jonathan Boogie Long
SAT 10
Piper & the Hard Times - IBC BAND 
Ben Prestage
Eden Brent
Katie Henry
Matt Schofield
Selwyn Birchwood
The 3 Kings featuring
Albert Castiglia, Chris Cain
& DK Harrell

SUN 11
Joe Waters- IBC SOLO Winner
CFG & the Family
Shaun Booker Dammit Band
Lil' Ed & the Blues Imperials
Bywater Call
Mr Sipp

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